A Quick Guide to… Customer Centricity

A Quick Guide to…Customer Centricity

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Customer centricity. It’s pretty simple, right? Take your customer and put them at the centre of everything you do. Well, actually, there’s quite a lot that goes into doing that! Everything from data insights to internal culture can impact the experience a customer has in dealing with a brand and it’s how a company chooses to manage all of this that heavily influences their customer journeys.

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Here’s our quick guide to all things customer centric.

Customer centricity – it is putting your customers at the centre though, right?

Yes, absolutely.  It’s about designing interactions, journeys and experiences that mean a customer feels happy and fulfilled.  However, it’s getting to this end point that is tricky, as there are many factors at play.

Such as?

  The volume, variety and sheer velocity of customer data can simply overwhelm some businesses and so although this should help them understand their customers better, it’s simply too much.  Some companies haven’t even reached this point because they don’t have the systems and technology in place to capture customer data in the first place, while others lack the processes and operational capability to know what do to with the data that’s available to them.

Can’t we just make things cheaper and then customers will accept a lower standard of customer service? 

No.  According to recent data[1], over 60% of UK consumers think service is more important than price.

So how can brands go about being more customer centric? 

There’s lots that can be done.  Here’s a little top five for you:

  1. Look at your culture – if you don’t make sure your staff love your customers, then this is going to come across in the way they interact with them
  2. Treat customers as individuals – gone are the days of mass direct mail and scatter-gun marketing; today it’s all about personalisation and individualisation. Make the most of your customer insight to help you understand more about each and every customer.
  3. Invest in your customer data – know what you want to ask and go out and ask it! You can’t really deliver for your customers and build processes around them if you don’t know what they want.
  4. Actually use the insights you collect – any insights you hold about your customers are valuable, so make sure you’re actually using them. This data should help drive ways of working, strategic decisions and so much more.
  5. Engage in a proper conversation – customers are happy to be loyal to a brand, but they expect you to play a part in the relationship too. Create opportunities to listen, to engage and to share useful content with them so that dealing with you feels like more than just a transaction.

It isn’t just another buzzword then?

No, it really isn’t.  Customers genuinely expect to engage with you in the easiest and simplest way possible and to feel like their reason for doing so has been resolved.  Your ability to put the customer and their experience at the heart of what you do can be the difference between keeping a customer or losing them to the (more customer-centric) competition.


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