Bringing in the Fit-Out Project Professionals

Bringing in the Fit-Out Project Professionals

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Embarking on a large-scale commercial fit out is an exciting time. It might be that you’re taking on more people or implementing new technology that you need to accommodate as a result of increased demand, or perhaps adding in new office or storage space as you expand and grow. Whatever the reason, it probably marks a pivotal point in the growth of your business, having reached a point where you need your building space to work harder and smarter for you.

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Bringing in the project professionals

However, as well as having a strong vision, a commercial transformation project also requires a complex matrix of skills to make it a success and so shouldn’t be embarked upon lightly. One of the most critical, yet most often overlooked success factors is that of a good project management team. The role of the project management office (PMO) in very simple terms is to bring every element of a project together, providing oversight to all involved and reporting on progress and issues so that a project is firstly completed, and secondly, done so wherever possible on time and within budget. But there are other benefits too.

More than just good organisation

A coordinated approach through a single PMO ensures project efficiencies in areas such as manpower, procurement and workload planning leading to greater cost and time savings.

Whether a large or small-scale project, the project management team can liaise with other contractors on your behalf with as much or as little involvement as you like. This means that what could be tough negotiations with other trades, designers and architects or even a landlord can be made smoother with the expertise of people who do this as their profession.

Keeping an eye on the detail

This oversight at a project level also ensures that the right level of detail is being maintained, which is particularly important if there are changes to project scope, design or timeframe as it ensures everyone is working to the same single plan. The project manager is also ideally placed to spot where inadequate attention is being paid to the project detail.

Critically, a good PMO will also drive the right project behaviours, ensuring collaboration between sub-contractors, third parties and other involved stakeholders to work together to achieve the right outcomes. The value of this really shouldn’t be underestimated or dismissed as a nice to have as poor behaviours will soon derail your project.

Making the most of your available space

In planning a commercial space transformation, the PMO is a critical role in achieving the full potential of a building by making sure what you set out to achieve actually happens. There are a lot of factors at play that managed badly, can lead to confusion, errors and ultimately more cost.

Treating any kind of fit-out or refurbishment as a fully-formed project will ensure that the right budget, resources and timeframe are allocated to its completion in a realistic way. It’s also important, as part of this, to recognise whether you have the skills inhouse to support the delivery of the project and if not, whether an outsourced solution would bring more benefit. If you decide to outsource then there are many commercial providers who specialise in project management, either as their sole purpose or through a specialist division. Each will bring with them expertise, contacts and practical experience that can help your project deliver, from recommendations of specialist sub-contractors through to health and safety guidelines to keep your project team safe and your site incident free.

Making your project a project

When the pressure is on to deliver, it can be hard to find the space to step back and scope out a brief that would allow your project to be delivered either inhouse or as an outsourced one, but often it’s a case of slowing down to speed up. There are many benefits of adopting a project management framework, from increased governance and targeted reporting through to increased accountability and minimised disruption.

In many cases, the process of acknowledging your project as such, making sure your wider organisation is aware of this, and allocating the right resource to deliver it is the most viable option to deliver on time, on budget and with everyone’s reputation intact.


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