The path forward for retail’s sustainable future

For today’s organisations corporate sustainability is no longer a choice, it is a must. Faced with the detrimental impact of climate change, pollution, the destruction of natural resources and a customer base increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, modern brands are seeking to drive sustainable practices in all their operations.

Can lighting help drive increased sales in stores?

Atmosphere and ambience are well-established influencers of consumer behaviour and whilst lighting is often seen as more functional and task-focused, it’s now emerging as another potential variable of atmospheric influence that could shape the consumer experience.

Remodelling the concept of physical shopping

As retailers continue to grapple with the transformation of the industry, they must work harder than ever to attract customers through their doors. Increasingly cautious consumers are holding on to their discretionary spend in light of turbulent economic factors, heightened now by the significant impact of the global health crisis.

Retail trends in 2020

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What is… High-speed retail?

What is… High-speed retail? Home » Sector » Retail Nope, we’re not confusing ourselves with the rail industry. High speed retail really is a thing and it’s worth knowing about. …

The Future of… Retail Parks

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