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Post By Stephen Woolf -
Head of SHEQ

Sigma’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT) are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation daily and following the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Government’s advice on the precautionary steps to take and will regularly update our colleagues and stakeholders. Further to this we ask for our colleagues’ and stakeholders’ support with our action plan:

  • A risk assessment of each of our operational work areas will be undertaken to identify for example most vulnerable and critical business areas
  • Our site communications and inductions will include updates on Coronavirus and this action plan, including communication of SIM-Form 46 Coronavirus Guidance_R1.7
  • Follow good hygiene practices and wash hands thoroughly and at regular intervals as per guidance issued
  • Utilise available technology for meetings e.g. teleconference, Skype, Teams etc. avoiding unnecessary travel or attending meetings in person (where possible)
  • We will (where business allows) colleagues to work from home to carry out their duties. Where this is not possible advice/guidance will be followed from the Government and WHO. To assist we will categorise our teams with the support of our colleagues into business-critical areas
  • Travelling to and from work will only be allowed where this absolutely cannot be done from home in liaison with our SLT and Clients. The ability for colleagues to work from home is being continually reviewed by our SLT
  • Social distancing a minimum of 2 meters (in line with GOVT guidelines) between colleagues is being enforced with increased levels of hygiene and sanitisation on sites
  • Employees, Subcontractors and Workers who are unable to work from home have been sent detailed guidance in line with NHS and Government advice on Hygiene, Travel and Contact when working in the field and on client sites
  • Our Installers and Merchandisers are able to carry out work out of store opening times if required to reduce the number of individuals in store and therefore less contact and risk of exposure
  • Guidance has been given to all individuals associated with Sigma for if they become unwell, are diagnosed with the virus, need to go into isolation or need to look after a dependent
  • If resourcing levels in any part of our business are compromised due to illness or inability to work, we will refocus our teams as necessary to deliver to project deadlines. This would mean prioritisation of workloads and we would keep those affected updated, whilst taking every effort to mitigate the impact should this situation arise
  • Our first aiders will be briefed on what to do in relation to suspected cases of COVID-19
  • Our business continuity plans will be tested to ensure they are suitable and sufficient, including making colleagues and stakeholders aware of key contacts
  • Review with our stakeholders both upstream and downstream to confirm that there will be no impact on the supply of services and associated goods
  • Review our terms and conditions of our insurances to ensure our policies remain robust to COVID-19
  • Utilise the precautionary measures already issued and held within this action plan including useful links to the Government’s/WHO websites
  • If colleagues suspect they have or has reason to suspect that they have contracted COVID-19, they must ensure they follow this action plan and notify Human Resources/SHEQ immediately
  • If colleagues have an underlying condition: weakened immune system, diabetes, cancer (history of), lung/respiratory issues we recommend you notify HR in confidence due to the increased risk
  • If any of our team members have returned from an impacted country or region through work or annual leave must stay at home and liaise with HR/SHEQ due to the increased risk
  • In addition to the three weeks from the 23rd of March we are asking anyone who shows certain symptoms e.g. raised temperature 37.8 degrees and above/a new continuous cough to self-isolate for 14 days. This means we want people to stay at home and avoid all but essential contact with others for 14 days from the point of displaying mild symptoms, to slow the spread of infection
  • Families are being urged to stay at home for 14 days if any member of the household is showing signs of symptoms e.g. raised temperature 37.8 degrees and above/a new continuous cough to self-isolate
  • Everyone is to stop non-essential contact with others and stop all non-essential travel. That means people should work from home where possible and avoid pubs, clubs, theatres and other such social venues
  • Business travel to and from China, Italy, Ireland etc. is cancelled until further notice and for at least 30 days. No domestic business travel within these countries is permitted
  • All colleagues are advised to avoid non-essential foreign travel until further notice
  • All colleagues, visitors who have business with our China office are being asked to refrain from visiting this office and our other overseas offices/sites until further notice
  • Our colleagues in China are following the guidance of local teams, ensuring we act in accordance with Government restrictions in a responsible manner
  • Colleagues who are based in our offices in China continue to work from home at this point and we are supporting them on an ongoing basis

If you are unsure or request further information, please contact the HR/SHEQ team

Learning: What do I need to do? What do we all need to do?

We all have a duty of care to ourselves and each other:

  • Take personal responsibility to assist with staying healthy and well
  • Follow the guidance and guidelines issued
  • Ensure key Sigma contact is aware of most up to date contact information in your company
  • Ensure your key contact numbers are available in case of emergency/escalation

If you have any concerns or queries, contact HR/SHEQ team.


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