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What makes a successful business? At Sigma, the answer is clear – our biggest asset is our team. It’s their wealth of skills, talent and enthusiasm that helps our company to prosper and evolve. As an employer, we are equally as enthusiastic in supporting and developing our workforce, this is why our employee benefits today, are more typical of a large PLC than a medium-sized business, like Sigma. Here are just some of the ways we are trying to help.

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Creating a Family-Friendly Workplace

One of the chief reasons people seek employment is to look after their families. As a good employer, it makes sense that we support our team to do this. For those at the very outset of family life, our Fertility Journey, an initiative launched in January 2024, seeks to support colleagues going through fertility treatment. The project aims to educate staff and raise awareness of fertility treatment, including how those going through it may be affected. We hope that this will remove any fear of talking about it with colleagues and support those on the journey.

For families with newborns, we also provide Enhanced Maternity Leave. This begins with 8 weeks on full pay, followed by 8 weeks on half-pay before moving to statutory pay. Those taking paternity leave, meanwhile, are entitled to 2 weeks at full pay.

Additional Enhancements

At Sigma, we try wherever we can to help colleagues by going above and beyond the minimum requirement. This is why our Enhanced Holiday Scheme means colleagues get 25 days holiday instead of the statutory 20 days per year. As an additional perk, and one everyone values, colleagues get an extra day off for their birthday.

For colleagues who are unwell, we also provide Enhanced Sick Pay. Anyone with over 1 year of service receives 3 weeks at full pay followed by 3 weeks at half pay. After 2 years’ service, this rises to 3 weeks at full pay followed by 6 weeks at half pay.


Our colleague’s health and wellbeing are enormously important to us, and we want them to be able to access help quickly when they need it. The company is signed up to the Health Shield Cash Plan and colleagues are automatically opted in. This provides benefits such as paid dental checkups and glasses, as well as access to health and wellbeing services, including a GP Anytime Service, an employee assistance programme, online assessments, discounts at select stores and more. For an additional cost, colleagues can choose to add their families to the plan.

We also encourage the team to create platforms that focus on health and wellbeing, such as the Sigma Strava competition, which gets people walking and talking.

Events, Awards and Celebrations

We think it is highly important to reward colleagues for their contributions and make sure they are involved in the business beyond their day-to-day jobs. We also recognise that as people, we need to get together and socialise. For this reason, we put on numerous events, awards and celebrations.

These include our Bi-Annual P-R-I-D-E Awards.  P-R-I-D-E stands for Passionate Go-Getters, Resourceful and Resilient, Inclusive, Dedicated Expertise and Excelling Together. Twice a year, team members get to nominate each other for P-R-I-D-E values, with awards for each value. Anyone shortlisted gets an extra day off, with the winner also getting £250 in vouchers and a glass trophy. Team awards winners, meanwhile, get £500 split between the team and a glass trophy.

We also run two Sigma ONE Events every year, where we take the team off-site for a business update and a fun day out. Our recent Christmas Sigma One event saw 10 colleagues receiving special Directors Awards for their hard work. Following this, the company’s Christmas Party saw the team enjoy a three-course meal and free drinks at the Queens Hotel in Leeds.

There are also Colleague Board Events taking place outside of work. In 2023, these included a trip to Pontefract Races, with free entry for all staff, and a fancy-dress family fun day, featuring a dragon boat race and various children’s activities, with catering provided by Sigma.

Colleagues also have two You Days each year to invest in professional development. Here, they take part in activities that benefit their role, for example, completing an IT course or job shadowing.

Finally, as an incentive to recruit even more highly talented people, we offer colleagues a Refer a Friend Scheme. If the friend lands a role under £30k a year, the employee receives £250 for referring them. This rises to £500 if the role pays more than £30k.

Our rationale

The reason Sigma has put these benefits in place is to show our team how much we value their outstanding contributions. We also want to reduce staff turnover and make the business attractive to new talent. Our HR team has used tools like Cendex to compare our benefits to those of similar companies, which helped us implement schemes like the healthcare plan. Our Colleague Board, featuring employees from across the group, meanwhile, was responsible for bringing in schemes like enhanced maternity leave.

Overall, we have provided our colleagues with a raft of support and benefits and will continue to build on these in the future to ensure Sigma remains a great place to work.

The Supply Chain Experts

With a large network of warehouse facilities and a fully-fledged logistics arm to our business, we are always looking at how ways and means of improving our offering to our clients

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