Managing rapid change during the Covid-19 crisis – Part II

Managing rapid change during the Covid-19 crisis – Part II

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Post By Stuart Thomas -
Consolidation Director

Continuing to deliver a leading service to our clients

As the leading commercial space transformation specialists, Sigma is responsible for keeping several leading UK retailers up and running with their goods not for resale (GNFR).  Going beyond just the traditional install or sourcing of this equipment, Sigma manages entire equipment and distribution centres for a number of high street names including supermarkets and pharmaceutical retailers who have been on the frontline during recent months.

For Sigma’s many clients, closing up shop simply wasn’t an option as they provided essential services during the critical lock-down period.  It was imperative that Sigma could stand by their side making sure that equipment, shelving and covid-related safety items could all be delivered and installed at the sites they needed to be, on time and with minimum disruption. Working in partnership with their clients, Sigma made it happen.

“When the coronavirus pandemic erupted, we had to change. Many business-as-usual approaches to serving customers, working with suppliers, and collaborating with colleagues—or just getting anything done—would have failed. We have had to increase the speed of decision making, while improving productivity, using technology and data in new ways, and accelerating the scope and scale of innovation. And it worked. We have accomplished difficult tasks and achieved positive results in record time”

Stuart Thomas; Head of Facilities


Serving the UK’s leading retailers

For a leading supermarket chain, Sigma procured, delivered and installed a range of equipment including crowd control and q-rail barriers to help manage social distancing queuing, protective screens, crowd control cones and sanitiser stations.  These were all delivered by Sigma Logistics, thanks to the availability of fleet and offloading machines that could do the job.
  • 6 roll-outs completed
  • 1,590 critical orders delivered
  • 519 pallets in
  • 1,781 pallets out

For a household name in pharmaceutical retail, similar services were provided.  Critical PPE was procured for store staff along with sanitising measures including till-mounted ‘sneeze’ screens and sanitiser stations.  176 ‘high priority’ items were identified and held in bulk at the Sigma equipment centre that could be ordered online via a dedicated catalogue and dispatched to any site requiring them.  All deliveries were completed by Sigma logistics.
  • 3 national roll-outs completed
  • 1,781 pallets to store
  • 116,275 units delivered

For another leading grocer who also remained operational during the lock-down period, priority safety equipment such as protective screens were sourced, delivered and installed to 92 stores throughout this retailer’s estate.
  • 1,000 pallets to consolidate and deliver
  • 92 timebound deliveries to store

The reality of working during a health crisis

Remaining operational was a risk for Sigma and for those colleagues who were asked to continue working.  However, they rose to the challenge and have, in their own way, contributed to keeping the country running during unprecedented times.

Sigma has invested heavily in making sure its workforce is as protected as they can be with tangible actions across both their health and safety and also their mental and emotional health.  Communications have been frequent and honest and as such, hugely credible.  In return, colleagues have shown great trust in their employer and belief in the steps they are taking to protect them.

These have been challenging times with little precedent in which to call upon for guidance.  Through strong leadership, action-focused initiatives and excellent communication, Sigma has been able to continue to deliver so that in turn, frontline services can continue to do what they do best.


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