Mt Kilimanjaro: The Big Climb: #1

Mt Kilimanjaro: The Big Climb: #1 Alexia Beau

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Hi everyone and welcome to my first blog written in preparation of the ascent up Mount Kilimanjaro in September. Here I’ll be writing a series of blog posts covering the reasons as to why, the grueling training and my thoughts and feelings. I’d love it if you can like, share and follow us in the lead up (and during) ‘The Big Climb’

Post By Ben Tiffany -
M&E Director


Alexia Beau

When Lexi was born the doctor on duty asked us; "Have you noticed anything differernt about Alexia's features?" It was then we were told that it was suspected she had Down Syndrome. 

That first night of her life, I turned to Google for advice. I came across a series of articles that described what a life with down syndrome would be like.

All of them referred to, that when  considering a typically developing baby, there is a rush to the finish. The first one to crawl. The first one to walk... talk, read, achievements at school... I could go on. It felt as though there is one mad rush to the next key stage. A race to the top. The equivalent of being on a motorway with the foot to the floor rushing at speed to the final destination. Down’s syndrome was described as taking the scenic route off of the main highway. Down the beautiful country roads, enjoying each and every view to make the most of every milestone and at your own pace.

I look back now, on that day, 20th June 2016 with the fondest memories as it was then we were blessed with the most amazing gift. Alexia Beau Tiffany.

It’s at the start of this journey that we found Shabang and Wakefield Down Syndrome Group, two amazing charities help support families at the start of their very own beautiful experience. It’s the fantastic work that both of these charities do that really inspired me to ‘give something back’. It scares me to say (write) this as I cannot believe it is happening, but following a crazy night at the pub…. both Paul Fahey, Construction Director at Sigma and Matthew Horner, a close friend of mine decided that in September, we’d climb Mount Kilimanjaro (!!) to both raise awareness and funds for these two fantastic charities.

I am fortunate to work for a great business in Sigma and alongside our fundraising efforts, the team at Sigma will be organising many events to show their support and we hope you can too. If you could spare anything to help these fantastic charities then please do via this page, any donations will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot.



Mount Kilimanjaro

On the 12th September, our three fearless explorers are swapping their comfortable lives and pushing themselves to the limit to raise money for Shabang & Wakefield and District Down’s Syndrome Support Group. The ascent of Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro is a massive 19,340ft and will take 7 days to complete! Money raised will provide a support network, information and fun activities for people with Down’s syndrome, their families and their friends across West Yorkshire.

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