Providing peace of mind to clients through ethical practices

Providing peace of mind to clients through ethical practices

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In a world moving towards sustainability and eco-consciousness, businesses are recognising not only the responsibility they hold in developing their practices for the benefit of the environment but also realising the positive impact and vast rewards that come from championing sustainable, community-centred practices. At Sigma, we are no different.

Post By Stephen Woolf -
Group Compliance Director


Sustainable & Ethical Practices

With a fast-paced world comes a need for constant self-reflection and with that, the opportunity for revision and improvement presents itself. At Sigma, our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices isn’t just evident in our operations, where our mission is to create retail spaces that transform buildings and interiors into smarter, more sustainable environments – it is also evident in the realisation that the impact of our operations have as a business.

With this in mind, we are delighted to be releasing our latest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, which highlights our continued commitment and dedication to improving our corporate and social responsibilities for the benefit of our employees, customers, local community and the environment in which we operate.

As we take forward the values and commitments outlined in this release, you can be assured that when working with Sigma, you are choosing a business that is committed to ethical, moral, and sustainable practices. We pride ourselves on transparency, through communication which ultimately garners collaboration and trust, providing the foundations needed for sustainable growth and a secure supply chain.

Our CSR Commitments

A summary of our CSR commitments is below. At Sigma, we strongly believe in:

Human Rights – Our commitment to individuals – from client to supplier – is ensured by our Recruitment, Dignity at Work and Anti-bribery, and Corruption policies, as well as our Health and Safety policy which ensures all who are affected by our activities maintain their mental and physical health whilst promoting wellbeing.

Our goals throughout 2024 and beyond aim to delve further into wellbeing, with plans to introduce a diversity and inclusion plan, alongside an enhanced onboarding experience to attract, retain and grow the right talent. We are also committed to a dedicated supply chain that guarantees the absence of human trafficking and modern slavery in its practices.

Environmental Care – Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds. We are actively working towards our net zero goals with the use of renewable energy sources, employing more energy-efficient methods and transitioning to an EV/hybrid fleet. Currently, 69% of our fleet is EV/hybrid and we are aiming for 100% by 2025.

We are also promoting good standards of commercial practice by seeking sustainable procurement and responsible management throughout our supply chain – 96% of waste across our offices and warehouses is recycled or reused.

Community Action – We are focused on the wellbeing of our community. We champion future talent and have a continuous aim to engage local students with our industry – we are planning further opportunities for apprenticeships, placements and work experience through The Heart of Yorkshire Education Group.

We welcome everybody’s contributions on where we can best provide support and passionately participate in charity events. Our chosen charity, The Hope Centre, Trinity Mission, is a food and clothing bank providing support and guidance to people in need. Not only this, we have also supplied 110 bags of donated clothing to The Clothing Bank, as well as our ongoing support for Diabetes Awareness and The Lighthouse Club Charity, a body hoping to improve welfare and wellbeing across the construction community, continuing our work with mental health advocation.

The commitments outlined in this recent CSR release are a driving force for change for our business and, we hope, the wider supply chain of which we are a part. Our goals are measured by international standards to ensure compliance. These include ISO 45001:2018 (occupational health and safety), ISO 14001:2015 (environment) and ISO 9001:2015 (quality).

Working with Sigma means peace of mind, for the quality of work and the ethical and environmentally minded processes that allow projects to be undertaken. Our end-to-end goods not for resale solutions allow for a complete, expert-led service that takes the pressure off of our clients. Utilising our proactive approach and industry expertise, alongside our ongoing commitment to sustainability, wellness and quality, ensures for a sustainably conscious project.

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