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Revitalising space with an expert perspective

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Whether it’s embarking on a bit of a facelift, revamping the interior of an entire space or undergoing a wholesale refurbishment, one of the biggest factors in the successful delivery of a hotel transformation is treating it as defined project. This means considering factors including scope, specification, budget, timeline and critical success factors.

Post By Daryl Thompson -
Pre-Construction Director

Treating it as defined project...

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the momentum of making physical change happen, because that means something is actually being done. Appointing a designer or architect, picking out a colour scheme, imagining differing fixtured and fittings; it’s the exciting end of giving a space a new identity, but the lack of a joined-up approach is likely to cause problems as contractors get further into the refurbishment.

Properly understanding the scope of a project, including critically what is out of scope, and then assessing the best option to actually deliver the transformation before going anywhere near a tin of paint, is a must. Hotel and luxury accommodation brands are increasingly turning to a single outsource partner to help them deliver their projects, which in turn is bringing greater oversight of budget, increased accountability and critically, specific expertise in managing projects in the sector and so introducing ideas, understanding and flexibility to wholescale project delivery.


Experienced partners

Working with a partner means clients can benefit from specialist project management capability which is critical in achieving the full potential of a building by making sure what is set out to be achieved actually happens. There are a lot of factors at play that managed badly, can lead to confusion, errors and ultimately more cost. This enhanced oversight means clients can expect a high standard of reporting, efficiencies relating to headcount and resource, and an understanding of how to deliver a programme of works without impacting the guest experience. A good partner will help their clients understand about the best time to schedule certain kinds of works to minimise disruption and even how to disguise areas undergoing a transformation so as not to draw unnecessary attention to them. Similarly, they will manage the people element of project delivery, ensuring all sub-contractors and other involved parties understand the appropriate behaviours and ways of working to ensure a smooth relationship between all involved.

There is a level of unique expertise that a commercial transformation specialist can bring in supporting the design of your space. Guests will often have a highly emotional connection with a hotel and will have many pre-conceptions and expectations of what they expect the environment to be like depending on the type of venue and how much they have paid. Lighting, sound, technology, facilities and even the physical layout all make a difference to how a guest may feel in an establishment. It may seem like the impossible task to find a partner who understands everything from the very latest building management systems that can save you money through efficiencies, to the right kind of lighting system and how this will vary depending on how the space will be used, however this is the very USP of an outsourced partner.

With guest expectations at their very highest and the likelihood that these will be shared on social media platforms for anyone to see, it’s more important than ever for hotel brands to invest in creating interesting, memorable and functional spaces that will at the very least meet these expectations. However, this isn’t thinking that has to be done in isolation because the wealth of expertise and experience an outsource partner can bring means you can benefit from support from the very conceptual phase right through to project completion.


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