Rogerthorpe Manor

Situated in a small town in West Yorkshire, Rogerthorpe Manor was built over 400 years ago with links back to the English Civil War. Today, it is a luxury retreat; an award-winning hotel, conference and wedding venue owned by Best Western that attracts guests from all over the world. Over the years, this historic venue has undergone many transformations to turn it into the idyllic, opulent hotel it now operates as

The Challenge

With 22 already beautifully crafted rooms within the Manor, each overlooking the West Yorkshire countryside, the opportunity to refurbish two of the Manors derelict barns into a new range of high-specification suites to suit even the most discerning of tastes, was not to be ignored.


Partnering with Sigma; The Experts at Transforming Commercial Space

Recognising the potential in the barns and understanding the need for a bespoke look and feel, Best Western took the decision to work with Sigma, a local, but world-renowned fit-out company, having worked with blue-chip clients such as Asda, Lidl & Sainsbury’s.

With extensive experience across the globe providing a true end-to-end service; from construction and consolidation, to fixture procurement and mechanical & electrical installation as well as bespoke projects, Sigma has enabled the efficient and cost-effective delivery of new and refurbished environments worldwide, delivering 6,000 unique projects each year.

An End-To-End Solution

Over a 6-week timeframe, Sigma worked with the Rogerthorpe Manor team to deliver an end-to-end solution for the renovation.  Gaining a full understanding of the aesthetics and ambiance that the Manor hoped to achieve, and working with architects and interior designers, Sigma was the appointed contractor to bring to life five individually tailored suites, each offering the height of luxury.  

Using its extensive knowledge of working in live environments and leveraging on their experience of minimum disruption on site, the Sigma team minimised the impact on the environment by minimising the need for waste disposal and working with local suppliers, with a focus on sustainability key to Sigma’s values.

Turn-Key Transformation

At the same time, the Sigma team undertook a huge turn-key transformation project, the Construction and Mechanical & Electrical divisions worked collaboratively to both strip and fit-out the derelict barns ensuring the integrity and historic value wasn’t lost. 


The Result

The end result pays homage to Sigma’s years of commercial fit out experience;  you cannot help but feel like you’re in a high-end, boutique environment due to the carefully considered layout, fixtures, fittings and lighting and all completed to a high end finish, something clients of Sigma’s have come to expect.  This includes bathrooms with built-in televisions, space for a king-size bed in every room and even a dance-floor in one of the suites! 

The final designs  showcase a high level of specification and build quality with modern yet timeless furnishings, quality fittings and individual colour schemes to add to the personality of each suite. Add into the mix, luxurious fabrics and textures, sumptuous beds to sink in to and carefully maintained gardens in view of every window, and it feels like every aspect of the way a guest will enjoy each of these hotel suites has been considered.

Rogerthorpe Manor is already a stunning estate with many reasons you’d want to visit; the awards collection on view as you walk in is testament to this.  The tasteful and thoughtful refurbishment of these two barns and the resulting collection of luxury suites are yet another reason that business and leisure travellers alike will select, and return to, this venue time after time.  And while it’s unlikely any of these guests could put their finger on it, the expert of eye of a commercial space transformation business is surely the secret key to success that will put many more awards into this hotel’s collection over the coming years.


With over 20 years’ experience of transforming commercial space, Sigma provide a true end-to-end service; from fixtures and GNFR consolidation, to construction, projects and M&E.  

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