Sigma Group Ltd attains Cyber Essentials Plus certification

Sigma Group Ltd attains Cyber Essentials Plus certification

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We are pleased to announce that Sigma Group Ltd has attained Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

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Cyber Essentials Programme

Cyber Security is an ongoing concern, as a result of sophisticated attacks and intrusions into computer systems around the world, Certification bodies have developed the Cyber Essentials programme.

Cyber Essentials is an achievable way for organisations to protect themselves from the most common types of online threat and to obtain a certificate, an organisation must implement policies and procedures to meet an acceptable level of security that can withstand external testing and auditing.

Many organisations insist that such a certificate is in place prior to doing business and the Cyber Essentials Certification helps to further reiterate an organisation's stance on nullifying the threat of cyber threats, ensuring the successful implementation of new policies and procedures to help create a more secure IT environment.

The certificate is renewed annually and our Cyber Security policies and procedures are under constant review and development to tackle new threats as they arise, and as ever we all need to be vigilant when going about our day to day business online be it through the internet or email.



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