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Sigma are uniquely positioned offering a full range of professional services, from construction and consolidation, to fixture procurement and mechanical & electrical installation ensuring that our clients are able to receive a complete end-to-end solution.

The Lifecycle of a Building

Sigma, the complete end-to-end service solution provider across your buildings lifecycle.

When considering the lifecycle of a building, key milestones include construction, operation, maintenance and renovation/demolition. Following the initial design and planning stage and over its lifetime a building can fulfil many purposes, beginning life as a retail store to its end of life as commercial offices and everything in between. When considering changes in occupancy, fit-outs, extensions or end of life, Sigma have a suite of building services and specialise in providing a true end-to-end service tailored to any stage of a building's lifecycle - from ground up construction to building closure.


We understand that when it comes to transforming commercial spaces, every project is different. When considering differing building types, usages, customers and budgets, it is imperative that your project aligns to your priorities.

Our vast experience of working with a variety of retail clients enables us to tailor our suite of services enabling us to find that perfect ‘sweet spot’ befitting for your project.

See how our role within ASDA has grown, taking full responsibility for demand management, control, logistics management and installation of all store GNFR fixtures, as well as construction and mechanical & electrical works.


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