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Core Store Live is our powerful, customisable warehouse management system. With CSL we have end-to-end real-time visibility and control over every aspect of our warehouse operations. Developed in conjunction with our technology partner Clockwork Creative Technology we have a constantly evolving suite of tools at our disposal.

Our clients have varying requirements from our GNFR inventory management services. CSL allows use to rapidly configure the system for JIT ordering and financial forecasting, with options for example to ring fence stock by project or ownership. Additional modules provision vehicle management, store auditing, and phased call off planning.

Put away and picking are entirely paperless with the warehouse operative using our custom app on a tablet with bluetooth connected barcode scanner.

We have a live calendar of goods in and goods out which shows the real-time colour coordinately activity in each warehouse for the week.

This is displayed on large touch screens strategically placed throughout the warehouse. Clicking on any transaction brings up its full history.

The latest addition as part of our process of continuous innovation is 3D warehouse modelling.

We now have the ability to display a 3D plan of the entire warehouse within CSL visually indicating how many times a particular stock location has been visited or empty bays. This allows us to optimise the positioning of stock within the warehouse to reduce pick time and forecast our future space usage intelligently to ensure we have the capacity and resource to meet our clients future project needs.


Service Level Targets

Reporting is available for every area of the system and exceeds our goal of 3 seconds response to a complex query per 500 thousands transactions poled. The system is cloud hosted on our own dedicated servers with system availability exceeding our target of 99.5%.

Comprehensive security is in place with penetration testing actioned by an independent third party and their recommendations actioned. We have a live chat facility directly to our technology partner Clockwork with near immediate response times.


CSL is ready to connect to your systems with a comprehensive industry standard rest based API allowing bidirectional managed integration with thousands of third party systems.

We can export / import information on demand in virtually any format for example XML, EDI, CSV, Tabbed, Excel.

An integration example is how our SEC warehouse use CSL to connect to our clients Ariba procurement system.

We share a automatically generated inventory catalogue with images taken by our app and live stock figures to Ariba which is then available to every store and receive store orders back via EDI in a full circle integration.

CSL has the ability to share selected areas of the system with our clients through through a custom web portal or mobile app or function as a back end database to our clients own website.

Stuart Thomas -
Consolidation Director


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