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Developed in-house in 2013, the innovative Retail Oracle project management software provides detailed, photographic records and live progress reporting at every stage of a retail store implementation process.

The project management system developed for retailers

The Retail Oracle systems delivers seamless planning, management and implementation, with live stock and installation status reporting available to clients at any time at the push of a button.

Real-time networked capability for:

  • Store Surveys
  • Bespoke scoping of projects
  • Multi-site status tracking
  • Time stamped photos access / sharing
  • Project Sign-offs
  • Real-time reporting e.g. snagging
  • KPI Reporting
  • Online contractor / client portals
  • Multiple format tailored reporting
  • Performance analysis for future projects
  • “We manage projects, not pallets - making your assets work for you, not for us.”

    STUART THOMAS Supply Chain Director

Benefits for the retailer include:

Paperless reporting

Real-time capture of bespoke data

Online portal for remote use

Multiple format reporting with signature capture

Full database of projects for future reference

Stuart Thomas -
Consolidation Director


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