The Covid-secure ‘Gondola Starter Device’

The Covid-secure ‘Gondola Starter Device’

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Demonstrating innovation whilst keeping colleagues & clients safe to ensure the job gets done

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What is it?

The ‘Gondola Starter Device’ installation tool is an innovative shop-fitting tool, designed and manufactured by Sigma here in the UK.

Why did we develop it?

In efforts to counter the transmission and spread of Covid-19, we developed the 'GSD' to allow a single fixture installer to safely begin the installation of an in-store fixture, ensuring the continued safety of the installer whilst meeting government guidelines regarding social distancing

The 'GSD' in the field

We free issued over 100 of these innovative tools and fixture guides to Sigma employees, sub-contractors and leading grocery retailers to ensure we can keep everyone safe and keep projects moving
Did you know? We designed, manufactured and free-issued the Gondola Starter Device in only 3 weeks!

Our fixture build guide

Our step-by-step fixture build guide written to ensure installers and their colleagues can maintain an appropriate working distance and build fixtures in the correct socially distanced way.
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