The emotional relationship between lighting and jewellery

The emotional relationship between lighting and jewellery

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Lighting impacts on every aspect of the retail experience, from brand and product perception to consumer engagement and mood. One of the areas this is particularly amplified is in the jewellery sector, where the extensive use of glass and mirrors as part of the interior design means light plays a critical role in creating ambience, mood and an emotional connection with the products on display.

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Behind the beauty...

Behind the many beautiful and striking displays on show in a typical jeweller, there’s a science at play to help bring out the natural beauty of precious metals and diamonds which has been significantly helped along in recent years thanks to new lighting technology.

When illuminating jewellery, the lighting must capture the colour, shapes and textures meaning dramatic and creative techniques can be used. A more dramatic or focused light with narrow beamed spotlights is beneficial and creates a comfortable and dynamic atmosphere in the shop instead of a more flat, general light.

Be wary of creating glare in individual displays and consider how specialist features such as coloured light or tones can help support your campaign displays.  With the range of specialist lighting now available, retailers can select icier or warmer tones to match things like the seasonality of the year or focal point of a specific display.

The main display window is one of the most significant displays in a store and therefore should incorporate a clever combination of design and lighting.  The aim is to stand out, so careful thought should be given to the range of items displayed, the overall feel of the display and how lighting can emphasis this.  For an air of exclusivity or aspiration, cooler tones often help achieve this, whereas warmer lighting feels more inviting and welcoming.  Using light and dark spots is also an effective tool to help emphasise specific products or areas of display, helping draw the eye through this contrasting look.

Lighting Schemes

It’s also important to consider the overall solution as part of a building management system, so that there is overall control of the system from a central point rather than having to individually install multiple display controls.  This ensures the optimum performance and efficiency of a new lighting installation which is key to maximising the benefits that an LED or similar system can offer.

Lighting can be a complex area of installation, particularly if a property is being refurbished rather than specified within a new build.  Utilising the specific expertise of a mechanical and electrical consultant, or lighting specialist, can ensure that jewellery retailers invest in not only the right products to meet their interior design ambitions, but also that it comes together in a single system to create a cost-effective, energy-efficient and fit for purpose solution that shines the very best light on the products available.

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