The power of working with an end-to-end solutions provider

The power of working with an end-to-end solutions provider

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As the COVID-19 pandemic reshapes our world, the e-commerce sector has grown exponentially, resulting in changes in the market that are happening much quicker than anticipated. Due to the move from physical stores to e-fulfilment and, resultingly, the rapid adoption of technology and automation, it is no longer business as usual for many companies.

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It makes sense then, in this fast and ever-changing environment, to find autonomous, agile, and flexible partners who are positioned to help you progress. One such partner is Sigma.

Just like your forte is knowing the ins and outs of your business, Sigma’s key strength, particularly in the current market, is the provision of end-to-end solutions for retailers. From strategic fit-out and equipment consolidation, to fixture procurement and mechanical and electrical installation, Sigma is extremely well placed to respond to rapidly changing retail demands.

There are a number of benefits of partnering with an end-to-end solutions provider such as Sigma:

  • Efficiency: Need more space but faced with warehouse prices at a premium? Scope out optimum design solutions to ensure maximum value and cost savings compared to sourcing/securing new spaces. More recently, we have delivered cost savings for a number of clients by installing mezzanine flooring across our warehouses to deal with the increased demand for space
  • Scalability: Notice people flooding back to physical stores after having made significant investments in e-commerce during the pandemic? Let us work with you to not only maintain existing stores and address e-commerce needs, but also to develop new concepts, such as destination stores, to meet the changing needs of consumers. As specialist fit-out contractors, with in-house design expertise, we can enable change within the fast-changing retail environments including in-store extensions, click n collect hubs, amongst many other things 
  • Technology: Is adopting and/or adapting to automation and new technology a challenge? We regularly invest in new technologies to ensure we can keep pace with evolving market dynamics. Together with our implementation partners, we have the capability to provide nationwide installation teams that can quickly and efficiently roll out in-store technologies across any retail estate
  • Client centric solutions: With visibility and experience across the breadth of supply chains, we can deliver customer-centric solutions. To date we have delivered thousands of bespoke in-store projects, delivering enhanced customer experience and customer satisfaction
  • Bottom line: Feeling the pinch because of the pandemic? We pride ourselves on delivering customer-centric solutions that are guaranteed to improve your bottom line. As an end-to-end solutions supplier, our clients benefit from transparent lines of communication and improved relationship. By virtue of being vertically integrated, we can drive out maximum efficiencies contributing to an increase to your bottom-line P&L
Some would say we are currently confronting the ‘perfect storm’ – Brexit, driver shortages, a rise in supply chain costs and warehouse space at a premium, among others. Luckily you don’t have to face the storm alone.

While it may be impossible to predict what the future may hold, how needs may change, or which challenges may arise, Sigma’s goal is to add value to your business.

Our proactive, collaborative approach and breadth of experience, coupled with our capabilities and comprehensive efficiencies, ensure that we are uniquely positioned not only to overcome these uncertainties and unprecedented challenges in the market for ourselves, but also for our customers.

Over 20 Years Experience

With over 20 years’ experience of transforming commercial space, Sigma provide a true end-to-end service; from fixtures and consolidation, to construction, projects and M&E.

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