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"Time To Change" Sigma support the pledge

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At Sigma, we know that it benefits all of us to talk about mental health.

We have launched a number of recent training sessions to upskill our colleagues and we now have 20 nominated mental health first aiders across the group, including Australia. We are following this up over the coming months with line manager and awareness training for all our colleagues. We see the delivering of training and a series of events and activities to support our colleagues’ confidence in having conversations around mental health and building their understanding of mental health issues in and out of the workplace as vital to breaking the stigma.

1 in 4 of us will have experienced mental health problems over the past year and having a colleague in your corner can make all the difference. Today marks a significant step on our journey to ending discrimination and breaking the stigma around mental health as we sign our Time to Change employer pledge.

Our colleagues have shown their support to the pledge by placing their individual handprint on our Time to Change boards.

The boards will be visiting all our facilities and construction sites over the coming months to give all our colleagues and visitors the opportunity to make their pledge to ending mental health discrimination.



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