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Supporting mental health

Following on from our signing of the Time to Change Employer Pledge last year and our commitment to our colleagues in supporting mental health. On Thursday 6th February, Sigma will be joining thousands of other people around the country who will be coming together in their communities and places of work to get the nation talking about mental health.

Time to Talk Day is an opportunity for all of us to choose to talk about mental health and encourage our friends and colleagues to do the same. The more conversations we have, the more myths we can bust and barriers we can break down in relation to the stigma which surrounds mental health.

To support this and further our commitment to our colleagues we will be launching a colleague mental health commitment questionnaire and via a leaflet which will be collected in a nominated culture box.

We take mental health seriously and we are actively taking steps to ensure that we, as an organisation, are able to take the appropriate improvement action.

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